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SPC-ULTRA - Projection Leather Cutter

USM’s SPC-ULTRA production leather cutter offers unrivaled flexibility providing the fastest most economical response to rapidly changing production requirements and virtually eliminates the need for conventional cutting die tooling.

With this system you are able, for the first time, to keep all your engineering, grading and cutting operations in house at an extremely cost effective level, keeping you in control.
You can now react to style changes immediately and economically making adjustments to production designs, without costly retooling, and be put back into production within minutes.

Never has this sort of technology been so easy and accessible to the worlds footwear manufacturers.


  • Oscillating knife, tangential knife, dual punch and single pen tool as standard.
  • Simultaneous working zones
  • Powerful vacuum hold of material
  • Integrated high performance PC control system
  • Integrated industrial touch screen interface
  • Dual projection system
  • Ultra reflective mylar mirrors
  • Simple and intuitive to use
  • Floppy disk or LAN transfer of data
  • PC control interface available in any language.
  • Optimally angled sloping work surface.
  • Material well to rear allowing materials bigger than the working area to be processed.


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